Thank you to everyone for their interest in our donkeys. To anyone thinking of purchasing, please send our Facebook page a PM if you can.

As this is the very first time this progam is running alongside the Covid restrictions in place at the school, we don’t currently have a timeline for sales.

All of the donkeys have their own personalities and quirks. Please let us know what purpose you would like the donkey for eg: stock guardian, pet, addition to your donkey family etc and if you prefer a young jenny or a retiree jenny. A little information on where the donkey will be going and the animal family you will be adding it to is always helpful, so we can let you know which ones we think may suit your needs. Please be aware that it is highly possible the jennies are pregnant as the jennies and jacks have been running together.

We very much appreciate your interest in helping us to make this program a success for the both the donkeys and the kids.

Enjoy this video taken on the day they arrived.