We have had so many calls, emails and text messages from people wanting to take part in the Guardian program. In fact so much so, that overnight I put on my thinking cap and have a couple of solutions.

If you live locally to Singleton and you have the right facilities for a donkey but maybe not yet feel confident with the knowledge, we are considering running an initial six week program where you will be able to take home one of our wonderful donkeys (after attending a weekend training with the donkey in Singleton) to continue working with it at your own place. If the first six weeks are successful, we will reassess a further time frame.

Weekly visits by us will be conducted and we are available to take calls at any time with questions. This will assist a lot of people who don’t want to outlay the cost of buying a donkey, but have all the time, love and care to put into their training.

This program will not be suitable for everyone and we will be conducting site visits before the donkeys get there. This particular program will only be successful with someone who is confident working with animals, has prior stock knowledge and the time on their hands to work with the donkeys.

Please email your interest to admin@laststopdonkeyprogram.com.au