or thLast week we were lucky enough to have many friends lend a hand to process and document these lovely donkeys. We are in the process of microchipping, freeze branding and registering our donkeys so the program will always be able to follow keenly observe the donkeys that graduate from our program.

They were all wormed again, teeth checked, hooves checked and age recorded.

It was a lovely moment to see as Jaslin was standing in the yards helping with the other donkeys, our stallion Cracker Jack made his way straight over to her and passing the rest of us. Donkeys form wonderful attachments to their owners/handlers.

We also have “Dink” who is a three year old gelded Jack and has been our own paddock donkey for the past two years. We put him in the paddock with the unhandled donkeys and he leads them straight down to us when he sees us. This encourages them to interact more with us.

And while it may look like Jaslin and Jacob are sitting doing nothing (pic below), they are actually building trust and getting the donkeys used to having people around, their smells, their voices etc.

And a quick update on our little foal born on December 1, Mum and Bub are doing amazingly well.